Bookish This or That

I found this on Hannah’s Bookshelf but it originated at And On She Reads, I also added a few of my own this or that questions!


Enemies to lovers OR friends to lovers?
Enemies to lovers is a lot more entertaining for me!

Story told from one perspective OR from multiple perspectives?
I like to occasionally read a multiple perspective book, but overall I think I prefer Single Perspective.

Series OR standalone?
I LOOOVE getting lost in a series of books. I do love the occasional stand alone but I think I love being able to go back and re-visit worlds and people in new books and their characters develop

One book at a time OR multiple books on the go?
Last year I was a terrible Multi Book reader, it got out of control! So this year I am going to try and read one book at a time.

Fiction OR non-fiction?
Fiction all the way!

Daytime reading or nighttime reading?
I like reading at night but I always fall asleep so I guess daytime.

Paperback or Hardback?
I much prefer a Hardback visually but for comfort I like to hold a paperback.

Judge a book by it’s cover, Yes or No?
I have purchased so many books just because I loved the cover and for no other reason. Thankfully, they have all been books that I enjoyed reading.

Fixed TBR or Mood reader?
I am such a mood reader! I try to set monthly TBR’s but every time they have in the past they have failed miserably, lesson learnt. I will just stick to my mood reading.

Re-read books, yes or no?
I love re-reading books. It makes me feel like going back to visit family! I have a handful this year that I would like to re-read and I think I have re-read Good Omens for the past 7 years.

E-book or Physical book?
I much prefer a physical book to an E-Book but I do love having my Kindle for going on holidays!

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